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Annihilation (with affection) of time space



1. A reality oscillating within the meshes of a network made of nothing: it is made of lines, form and matter but it needn't either to be concrete or repetitive, qualities pertaining to conventional reality, the one widely shared which exists and is often identified today in a subreptitious way; all these are poor rearguards set for defence against the original needy transience of a universe which manifests itself just as a poor excrescence, compensation for the fault of a nothing unfit to generate.



2. Getting in touch with the new stage of the brain-mind of Homo abstractus:
going along its paths is the same as being in touch and sometimes having a deep comprehension of the interweaving of an infinite number of abstract and concrete relationships which is capable at its centre - occupied by nothing - to vehicle another more fruitful activity, which is truer than thought and affection to which Homo sapiens has always been attached through inappropriate bonds expressing poor powerlessness.