Works made of nothing

Paolo Ferrari, Parto in-Assenza -Plotter Painting, rielaborazione da foto di Lisetta Carmi -2000

Art is nothing; it is a mere nothing disappearing by displacement, by concentrating complexity, by visible and non-visible abstractions. Art has come to think and represent the Absolute through Malevich's black triangle on black, through the pure and perfect form of Brancusi's bird liberated from life and death, through Fontana's cut on the void which wounds matter. We have come to the concept as an artistic-cognitive operation, we have come to Duchamp's overturning of sense in ordinary objects, and to the undertaking by the observed (and the observer) of a life (and death) time which is different from the one men are accustomed to. We have come to Klein's blue where reality only reveals through that very pigment which is detached from whatever retinal valence.